UX Project reminderx Sara Tinnick - Kent State University December 2016


  • Creation of test materials
  • Conducting user testing
  • Scheduling test sessions
  • Capturing data effectively



 Research was conducted November 22nd and 23rd both in person. Users were directed with the materials. I chose my participants based on their levels of organization exhibited in the classroom as well as their grades. I did not want to focus only on straight A students. The general assumption is that those students have an organizational system which allows them to achieve high marks in class. However, their systems cannot be ignored as they provide valuable insight.

Test Materials:

The following test materials were created to simulate the user's journey through adding a new reminder in a specific scenario. These materials were created on a generic cell phone mockup with UX stencils. Copies were photocopied for each test participant so the user was free to write on their materials.

Links to audio recordings of test sessions

Sara Tinnick - Kent State University December 2016