UX Project reminderx Sara Tinnick - Kent State University December 2016


  • Identifying target market
  • Creation of research protocol
  • Questions to elicit want and needs
  • Cond ucting res earch sessions
    • One on One
    • Skype/mobile
    • Focus groups



The following questions were used to understand the habits of several target market individuals. These questions were designed to understand their motivations, habits, and desires, as well as their time management techniques and struggles.


• What areas of your life feel chaotic or out of control?

• If you make a list, what is it typically for?

• What bugs/frustrates/bothers you about the lists you make?

• What do you do when you know you’ve forgotten an item?

• What things do you have a hard time remembering?

• What types of reminders do you leave yourself?

• What do you do with your finished lists?

Questions were asked not only to understand their habits, but also to gain insight about their frame of mind. It was important to understand what caused stress, anxiety, and the need to create a list or reminder. Questions were discussed in a relaxed, conversational tone, in order to elicit an honest, response.


• When do you make your lists?

• When do you add items? All at once or piece by piece?

• When do you feel you forget things most often?


• How do you decide what goes on your list?

• How do you organize reminders you leave for yourself?

• How do you cross Items off your list?

Card sorting in practice:

Creation of possible questions

to ask test participants. Questions

written on paper, sorted, and

organized into logical categories.

Research Session Notes:

Handwritten notes from research

sessions. These were created with each category specified so the session facilitator could quickly record relevant information. Handwritten notes were used to decrease participant stress and to remove the physical barrier of a computer screen from between the participant and facilitator.

Sara Tinnick - Kent State University December 2016